Escrow Officer

Taryn joined the Chicago Title Woodlands team in January of 2012 with a positive attitude and years of customer service under her belt. As a team player, Taryn has earned the trust and confidence of her peers and clients alike. Taryn received first class training while processing for her branch manager, one of the top Escrow Officers in the Houston Division.

I am incredibly proud to be a part of this Chicago Title Woodlands team. I love that I work for a company that is proven to stand the test of time; one where I am able to not only have a lasting career, but where I can be a successful woman, thriving in a sometimes volatile American workforce!

Taryn has capitalized on this training and is thriving as an Escrow Officer, handling each transaction with the utmost care and integrity with customer satisfaction as priority #1. She takes pride in being a part of this prestigious Chicago Title Woodlands team and strives to propel her career as an Escrow Officer in the title industry for the years to come

Taryn Fennessy

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